Halloween Fun: Mad Scientist Bar

Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays for throwing parties  – Halloween Parties are all about creating entertaining spaces that are as much about setting the stage and putting on a show.  Which, by the way we should be doing throughout the year –minus trying to scare and gross-out our guests!

I am fascinated with mixology and I am known for my WOW tables; so as a frightful focal point to my Halloween party I created a WOW bar, The Mad Scientist Bar.  (evil laugh)

[Watch my Mad Scientist Bar on Better!]

I’ve used some everyday items, classics beverages and foods, along with some of my Hollywood-style special effects to create a laboratory entertaining space.  Put on your lab coat and goggles and follow along as I show to make creepy concoctions and powerful potions that will surely be a scream at any Halloween party.

Mad Scientists collect all kinds of specimens to do their experiments on. With that inspiration, I created Specimen Punch.  This is a lot of fun to put together and I am using a three-tier beverage  jar with a spout.  In my first tier are my specimens – guts and a brain glowing in a purple Formaldehyde (cauliflower, cellophane noodles and glow lights in purple colored water).  For the punch in the center of the tier I have frozen cadaver hands keeping the Radio Active Punch frightfully chilled (colored water frozen in latex gloves).  Finally on top, I have a collection of nasty, but tasty gummy bugs, worms and eyeballs to garnish each drink with!  A mad Scientist Bar would be complete with out specimen jars of failed experiments (canning jars filled with everyday food items in colored water; boiled eggs, white asparagus, cooked spaghetti, mushrooms, ginger roots.)

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary or gross… it can be down right manipulative as well (another evil laugh)!  To create my Secret Potions… I took the essence of classic champagne and wine, and boiled them down in to liquid spells that with a little dropper full, transforms these mild mannered glasses of champagne and wine into liquid spells for infatuation, mind control and sedation.

These cocktails are based of iconic cocktails that I dissected down to the very essence, then recombined them, fortified and more powerful then ever to create The Antidote!  – I have found the cure to a boring Halloween Party.  With the Antidote, I can transform these unsuspecting glasses of soda water, ginger ale and orange juice into new creations – The Cape Fear, Creepy Old Man and Ta-Kill-Ya Sunset!

I’ve taken my signature Alien Secretion cocktail created for this year’s Oscars and recalculated composition to turn them into cocktails that are truly out of this world for Halloween.  These three unique cocktails have pose an very interesting dilemma when drinking… you have to eat the Alien Skin (flavored gelatin discs) off of the top in order to access the secretion below; classic alien secretion, galactic serpent, Martian sunrise!

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Recipes for Mad Scientist Bar below…

Specimen Punch

·  1 part Midori Melon Liqueur
·  1 part Dark Rum
·  1 part Light Rum
·  2 part White Cranberry Juice
·  1 part Unfiltered Apple Juice
·  1 part Simple Syrup

  • Ice Hands – To Make Frozen Hand:
    Add food color to water until you reach desired color. Fill glove with water, fastening end with a twist tie or rubber band. Hang glove from a shelf in the freezer and freeze overnight. When frozen, pull glove from ice and place “hand” in the punch.

Antidote Shots (Syringes) – Deconstructed Cocktails

  • Cape Fear – Cranberry Juice, Vodka & triple sec
  • After Midnight – Black Vodka & Pomegranate Juice
  • Alien Secretion – Melon liquor, Pineapple & Rum
  • Creepy Old Man – Burbon, dash of vanilla, triple sec
  • Ta-Kill-Ya Sunset – Tequila, triple sec & Grenadine
  • Gin Ricketts – Gin & Lime Juice

MIXERS – Soda Water, Tonic Water, White Cranberry Juice, White Grape Juice, Ginger Ale, lemon lime soda

Secret Potions (Medicine Jars w/ Droppers)

  • Infatuation – Pom Juice & Eldeflower Liquor
  • Revenge – Brandy & 151 rum, pineapple juice
  • Mind Eraser – cognac, triple sec
  • Sedation – lavender infused gin, lime juice, simple syrup
  • Adrenaline – pear vodka, pear puree


  • Bloody Cosmo
    • White Cosmo w/ strawberry glazed rim
      • Orange vodka
      • White cranberry juice
      • Triple sec
      • Lime juice
  • Black Magic
    • Black cosmo w/ dark kayro syrup & orange sugar rim
      • Blavod Black Vodka
      • Pomegranate juice
      • Triple sec
      • Lime juice
  • Poison Apple
    • Spike cider with caramel rim
      • Apple Vodka
      • Hard Apple Cider
      • Goldshalager
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