MYO Colorful Kapow Centerpieces

Repurpose clear vases and bowls you have around the house to create a menagerie of glass shapes and containers.  Carry through the design of the party invitations in to the décor and centerpieces such as colors, shapes and words.  Fill the containers with candies and treats in monochromatic colors blocks or mix them up. Using colored paper and colored markers, crayon or pencil, replicate shapes from the invitation like I’ve done with the comic exclamations “BAM”, “KAPPOW”, and “SMACK” and cut them out into fun colorful shapes.  Attach them to large rainbow whirly lollipops with double sided tape. (Be sure not to remove the wrapper before applying.) Make a single No. 1 shield for the center lollipop for the birthday boy/girl.

To download the Medium Exclamation Bursts, click here!

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