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DIY Children’s Birthday on a Budget: Mark on The Rachael Ray Show!

Have you ever wanted to throw your child an amazing birthday party but you were on a tight budget and didn’t think you could pull it all together with limited resources?  I was asked to design a DIY children’s birthday party for Gretta Monahan’s son Kai’s first birthday to be featured on The Rachael Ray Show. I have come up with some creative and fun low budget ideas you can use for any party.


Click the links below for more information regarding the tips that were featured during the show.


Making your own invitations is a fun way to make your party announcements unique and on theme, they are something your guests will keep and even wear to the party, such as sheriff badges for a cowboy theme, crowns for a princess theme or masks for a super hero theme.


A Super Hero is not complete without his attire.  By repurposing plastic tablecloths, you can create capes for each child to decorate and wear during the party.  They also double as a party favor! You can incorpaorate this into any theme party from Super Hero to Pretty Princess.


Repurposing old vases you have collected over the years, you can create colorful and fun centerpieces using candy and Super Hero exclamations.

Photo Booth – Action Shots/Gotham box city

A MYO photo booth is a great way to engage your guest during the party and send them home with a reminder of how much fun they had during the party.  Using craft paper or poster boards make your own backdrop and wrap used boxes to great your own Gotham City.

Clothes Line Photo Décor

To highlight the past year(s) of your child’s life, make a clothes line of pictures of your child with colorful clothes pins.

MYO ball pit

Bring Discovery Zone to your home! Repurposing a kiddie pool and using balloons or balls, you can create and fun and inexpensive activity for the children a ball pit!

Table Settings

Use inexpensive party supplies in multiple colors to set a festive tone to your table setting.

Candy Bags

Using small colored candy bags, decorate them according to your theme.

This is a great way to invite the children to take home the candy from the centerpieces.

Super Treats

A great way to entertain the children during the party is to have them create their own Super Treats.

The children will be able to MYO party mix using your favorite dried food items and a creative MYO cupcake station!


All of the templates for all our fun and creative tips are available here!!

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MYO Photo Booth: Action Shots/MYO Gotham Box City

Creating a photo booth at your kids parties is an inexpensive alternative to hiring a professional photographer and still getting fun pictures to remember and share with the guests.

Set up a backdrop in an area of your party that can be easily created by decorating white craft paper rolls or poster board with letters that spell out the theme of your party, example “Super Kai”

Create props from repurposing cardboard boxes and other household items (i.e. cartoon style buildings)

To make the Gotham Box City:

Assemble an assortment of rectangular unprinted cardboard boxes to resemble city buildings, you will need approximately 6 to 8 boxes.  If the boxes have printing on them just wrap each one in a different color wrapping paper

To make the windows there are two options:

You can either draw them on with a marker or cut them out carefully with a pair of scissors

or a knife.

* If you cut the windows out, you could also add lamp fixture to give it the affect that the lights are on inside of the building.
Assemble the boxes to in a maze formation so that the kids can run through them casually or as a relay race.

Boxes can be used to create a play castle for a princess theme, the OK Corral for a cowboy theme or any other structures you can dream up.  Creativity is in the imagination you apply to ordinary objects to make them extraordinary!

Using a Polaroid camera take photos posing in front of the backdrop.  Let them color the frame and take the photo home.  The frames can be made of the same foam sheets that were used to make the invitations.

For added fun, have costumes on hand for the kids to dress up in for their pictures (i.e. superhero masks and capes)


To download the Large Exclamation Bursts and Super Hero Alphabet, click here!


Sourcing supplies:

Polariod 300 Instant Camera – $85.00

Polariod Film – 10 pack 12.97

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