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Planning a Decades Party

As scene on the October 13th episode of Access Hollywoood LIVE celebrating Billy Bush’s 40th Birthday, I have created great tips and trends for throwing a Decades Party.  This is a great theme party to throw for all ages: for birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, etc.

When creating a decade’s party, you may choose one decade to focus on or encompass the decades of your choice into one event.  You can build the event from one segment to the other in even time segments allowing guests to enjoy the eras one by one.  You may also set up stations throughout the event with different food, music, games, and entertainment from each decade.  Guests will have a chance to roam around the space enjoying the decades at their leisure.

When creating the menu, come up with creative new ways to serve your food. Take an old time classic like meat loaf and mashed potatoes and turn it into a bite sized passed hors d’ourves by altering the recipe to make a bite sized treat. Your guests will really enjoy the bite sized and single serving portion sizes.  It will give them the opportunity to mingle around the party while also enjoying the mixture of sweet and savory food items.

To set the mood and tone of the event, encourage people to dress in the appropriate clothing for that decade.  Be sure to set the mood with décor from that era as well.  For example, if it is a 70s disco party, be sure to have a disco ball and ask the guest to wear bell bottoms, floral shirts, and platforms. Make play lists of your favorite music from that era and play them throughout the party.  A great party favor would be to burn a CD with the party playlist and create a fun CD cover for the cases.  It will be a great reminder for each guest about what a great time they had during the event.

Be sure when sending an invitation to your guests that you make sure that the invitation reads that it is a theme party.  You do not want your guests showing up out of theme attire because they didn’t realize the logistics of the event.  Be sure that the invitation fits within the theme and has design elements according to the decade.  You can customize, print and send invitations from websites such as

Create a multi-tier celebratory cake, dedicating each tier to a corresponding decade.  The cake from Billy’s 40th Birthday Party was created using Wilton products.  Wilton offers excellent products for easy cake decorating such as edible paper, pre-colored fondants, candy molds and melts, and decorative figurines.  You may also add toys and small miscellaneous items to create a creative and fun dessert.


For more information on how I designed each decade, click the links below!





Billy Bush’s Decades Birthday Cake

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Movie, TV, and Broadway Musical Inspired Halloween Party – The Addams Family

While envisioning your next Halloween party, a great way to create a unique theme would be to get inspiration from your favorite films, TV shows, books and even Broadway musicals.   Drawing inspiration from plot, theme and characters can create a clever party from food, drinks and decorations that will really give your guests something to talk about!


Create a signature drink inspired by your favorite character or for each of the characters with a fun name and special ingredients that relate to the character’s traits, appearance and likes/dislikes.

When trying to plan the menu, think of items that will pair nicely with the selected character signature cocktail and name it something specific to the character or show.

Base decorations on the environments/locations in the film, book or show.  Pick one location that you can really blow out for a highly theatrical party atmosphere.

This year I am inspired by The Addams Family.  As a child, I loved to sit in front of the television and watch reruns of The Addams Family TV show.  The Addams Family resonates with so many generations from the original cartoons of the 40’s and 50’s, the TV show in the 60’s and 70’s, the movies in the 90’s and the recent Broadway Show of today.

I don’t know anyone who can recall the iconic theme song…

You don’t have be a good singer, just have to be able to snap!

Having recently seen the Broadway musical, I was inspired to bring the characters to life, imagining what would be their favorite cocktail to serve at one of EVENTSTYLE’s Halloween parties.

Click below for links to food and drink parings inspired by the character from The Addams Family – The Musical Comedy.

Gomez Addams

“The Duel”

Morticia Addams

“The Black Rose”

Pugsley Addams

“Pugsley’s Punch”

Wednesday Addams

“Endless Love”

Uncle Fester

“Electric Shock”


“Witch’s Brew”


“The Vanilla Freeze”

Watch Better TV for Mark’s Halloween Segment featuring The Addams Family Cocktails!


Based on the iconic characters created by legendary cartoonist Charles Addams, The Addams Family is the smash hit Broadway musical now staring film, tv and stage star Brooke Shields as Morticia and Tony Award® winner Roger Rees as Gomez. THE ADDAMS FAMILY features an original story.  It’s every parent’s nightmare.   Your little girl has suddenly become a young woman, and what’s worse, has fallen deliriously in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family. Yes, Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has a “normal” boyfriend, and for parents Gomez and Morticia, it’s a shocking development that turns the Addams house upside down when they are forced to host a dinner for the young man and his parents.


For more information on The Addams Family Musical visit their website.

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