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  • DIY Paperwhite Bulb Gift

    Paperwhite Bulb in a Mason Jar gift

This is one of the easiest DIY gifts ideas for the holidays or any time of the year.  Simply fill a Ball® Wide Mouth Pint Jar with white pebbles and nestle the bulb on top.  Write the care instructions on the gift tag and attach with a red and/or green ribbon. It’s that easy!

Makes a great Hostess Gift!  Easy to make and easy on the wallet with only three inexpensive materials!

Care Instructions:

Remove cover, add water to bulb level and watch them grow.  Place in Sunlight.

Level of Difficulty


If you’d like to let the bulbs start growing before gifting, fill the jar with water just to the base of the bulb – you don’t want it to immerse the bulb fully in water.  Place the bulb in a sunny location and watch it grow!

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