• Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison suite of 4
  • Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison suite of 6
  • Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison
  • Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison
  • Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison @ Holiday House 2018
  • Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison as seen in Architectural Digest
  • Cocktail Portraits Art Installation - Cocktail Chameleon by Mark Addison
  • Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison - mounting plate
  • Cocktail Portraits by Mark Addison signed image plate

Cocktail Portraits (limited editions)


Mark’s Signature Cocktail Portraits are direct from the pages of his “Best in the World” award-winning book Cocktail Chameleon.  Each of the 12″x12″ life-sized cocktail portraits is reverse mounted to 1″ thick hand-cut acrylic, which is double beveled and frosted to give the appearance of a floating picture frame.

Cocktail Portraits are intended to be installed in groupings: 2 over 2 (four portraits), 3 over 3 (nine portraits), 4 over 4 (16 portraits), 5 over 5 (twenty-five portraits), and 6 over 6 (thirty-six portraits) as pictured.

Each limited edition image is numbered and signed by Mark Addison and is exclusively available @ MarkAddison.com

pricing on request • email  for more information or to place an order




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• 12 x 12 in. c-print image • 1″ thick hand-cut acrylic • double frosted bevel • 1 in. float mount w/ french cleat • custom sizes available

Cocktail Names (top left to right): Shamrock Royale, Irish Milkshake, Pomegranate Margarita, Frozen Pink Sangria, Manhattan, Classic Margarita, Watermelon Margarita, Summer Thyme Shandy, Minted, Sazerac, French 75, Anti-Gravity, Excelsior!, All Saints, Ojo Rojo, Versailles, Arnold Palmer Collings, Markini, Fireworks Margarita, Brandy Punch, Old Black Magic, Tom Collins, Bloody Geisha, Sangria Flora, Bloody Mary, Southside, Poison Apple,  50/50, Irish Coffee, Big Blue, Classic Martini, Palm Beach, Frozen Mary, Sparkling GIN-gerade, Green Mary, Sangarita, Old Fashioned, Love Byte, La Seville, Colonial Cooler, Black Forest, Provence, Champagne Cocktail, Old Don, Pom Pear, Baked Apple, Perfect Love, Bombay

Cocktail Chameleon was awarded the 2017 “Best Cocktail Book in the US” by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and took home the Silver Medal for the “Best in the World” awards!

Additional information

Cocktail Name

Classic Bloody Mary, Marktini, Green Mary

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