Behind the Scenes

I recently traveled to Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to serve as creative director of the annual AVON Leadership Conference. AVON, the world’s No. 1 direct seller of cosmetics, is getting ready to introduce several products in the next few months, and is taking steps to preserve customer relationships with a few WOW factors, including securing uber-celebs like Keri Hilson and Zoe Saldana as spokeswoman.

The conference showcased some of AVON’s exclusive fashion heavyweights, including apparel for women and children, as well as a gorgeous jewelry line and newly-created accessories division. Fashion expert and TV personality Jeannie Mai was on hand to provide guests a first-look commentary on the price, sell-through and WOW factors of each piece.

Zoe attended many of the events throughout the week, as did Keri Hilson, who also provided guests with front-row ticket entertainment on opening night.