Party Plans

In years past, many of us have gone through the motions of having holiday parties without truly embracing the spirit of the giving season. There are so many people around the world and right here at home who are less fortunate or have been affected by natural disasters. This year, let’s take a step back and remember what the holidays should be about – the gift of giving to others. Below are three ways you can make your holiday party DO GOOD this year.

Easy: In light of the typhoon that recently struck the Philippines, host a holiday party and donate the money you would have spent on decorations to an organization with focus on Typhoon Haitian relief. Click here to see how.

Simple: Purchase products you want or need with an existing charity affiliation or with ones you can choose from. Click here to see how.

Challenging: Low-income families and underserved children go without basic supplies and personal care items that many of us take for granted. Host a care package party where the guests all bring a predetermined amount of one item that will contribute to the completed care packages. Click here to see how.