Behind the Scenes

It was all about keeping up with the Kardashian (singular) at Wednesday’s U by KOTEX event in Madison Square. In response to the recent reformatting of KOTEX’s approach to their consumers, my team and I produced a media moment using international celebutante Khloe Kardashian.

The event focused on KOTEX’s recent plea to girls to create a change in the realm of vaginal health. Normally a taboo topic, vaginal health discussions, as Kotex has noted, leave listeners confused and embarrassed. KOTEX took this knowledge and challenged girls to break that wall of embarrassment and sign a Declaration of Real Talk.

As an added bonus, KOTEX made a pledge to donate $1 to Girls For a Change for every girl that signed the Declaration. Pledging to respect their bodies and freely (without shame) use the word “vagina”, girls began signing the Declaration by the hundreds.

I wanted to create something unique and inspired to symbolize the pledge that these girls were making, so I decided to construct a brick wall with all of the derogatory words for “vagina” painted across it. We asked Khloe to take the stage and share her story with the audience. Afterwards, she used a sledgehammer (a pink one!) to physically smash the wall and exposing the Declaration (with Khloe’s signature) behind it.

I couldn’t have been happier with how this event turned out. We were able to present a unique, fun event while helping to further the cause of KOTEX to release the shame of discussing vaginal health. See, girls… vagina isn’t a dirty word.