Party Plans

  • Let the countdown begin!

To ensure the New Year’s countdown stays on schedule and goes off without a hitch, get your guests involved – assign them each fun “jobs” to keep the holiday festivities merry, bright  — and on time!

Write “jobs” down on 3×5 note cards and attach them to noise makers – with each card containing a certain task and time slot when it should be completed (i.e. turn on NBC at 10 pm, Make sure all of the guests have their noisemakers at 11:45 pm, turn down the music at 11:55 pm, etc.) – then place them in a big bowl or hang them on the hangers on the coat rack for guests to take as they hang their coats.  The cards will give guests a time to start counting down to the New Year so that the big moment doesn’t catch you (the host) by surprise while serving the double purpose of being a great decoration for the party!

Turn on NBC – 10 PM

Chill Champagne – 10:30 PM

30-Minute Warning – 11:30 PM

De-foil Champagne – 11:30 PM

Gather Champagne Glasses – 11:30 PM

Pass out Noise Makers – 11:30 PM

15-Minute Warning – 11:45 PM

Pass out Champagne Glasses  – 11:45 PM

10-Minute Warning – 11:50 PM

5-Minute Warning – 11:55 PM

Turn Town the Party Music – 11:55 PM

Turn up the volume on the TV – 11:55 PM

3-Minute Warning – 11:57 PM

2-Minute Warning – 11:58 PM

1-Minute Warning – 11:59 PM

30-Second Warning – 11:59:30 PM

15-Second Warning – 11:59:45 PM

10-Second Warning (Countdown Begins) – 11:59:50 PM

POP & Pour Champagne – 12:00 AM (one per 10 people)

Cue “Auld Lang Syne” on the Stereo – 12:01 AM

Turn Up the Party Music – 12:05 AM

Supplies Needed:

  • Big Bowl
  • Noisemakers
  • Party Hats
  • Tags with ribbon

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