Party Plans

Are you looking to cure the winter blues? During the cold winter months, it’s common for celebrities to take off on luxurious vacations to hot-spots all over the world. Stars are soaking up the sun in exclusive spa resorts and spending tens of thousands of dollars for private island getaways…but what about those of us who can’t make it to our dream destination of choice? I’ll show you how to create a stay-cation party for you and your “posse” with food, drinks and décor inspired by the culture and landscape without the hefty price tag.

  • How to Create a Stay-cation Party Theme
    Great inspiration for a stay-cation party can be found in the pages for your favorite travel magazines. Choose a specific destination or you might run the risk of your party becoming a cliché luau or generic tikki party.
  • Throw a Lavish Party Without Breaking The Bank
    Every budget conscious party planner begins with a comprehensive party plan and a detailed budget to keep them on track (on budget and on time). Another cost saving tip is to look at what you already have at home that can be repurposed in unexpected ways: vases for food services, a festive throw or sarong as a tablecover, etc. Focus on decorative touches in areas of your home that your guests will frequent—setting the tone when the guests walk in at the front door and the bathroom (the two most visited places of the home). The majority of your budget should be spent on food and beverages. Using pre-prepared foods that you can “spice” up can be a considerable time and cost saver.
  • How to Announce the Party Theme to Your Guests
    Whether emailed or snail mailed, invitations are the first visual clue (or indication) you give your guests as to what the theme is and what is expected of them at the party. Create a collage of your inspiration images in invitations to set the tone. Travel-themed invitations such as passports and postcards can be effective to set the tone with a little bit more work and creativity. The invitation is also the place where you can request guests come in a particular attire to compliment the theme and if there are any special instructions you need to impart (i.e. prompt start time or must prepare to participate in a specific activity).
  • How to Encourage Others to Dress the Part
    The invitation is the place to request specific attire: “flip flops and bathing suits” or “safari gear.” Offer your guests a reward to dress the part: “come barefoot and beautiful to see what the future holds.”
  • Do Your Guests Need to Bring a Dish?
    Typically my hostess rule is if you are giving a party, then you really shouldn’t ask guests to “pitch in” or bring dishes unless you are clear that it is a potluck dinner. If you are set on having guests bring dishes, then very clear advance notice is required to ensure guests won’t feel put off and will bring dishes that compliment the theme and each other. Make a clear statement on the invitation that each guest is expected to participate and to what extent.

Below are links for drink and food recipes as well as décor tips for 3 different stay-cation themed parties.

Tropical Staycation Destination—The Caribbean
If you’re in the mood for a little fun in the sun in the Carribean without the sunburn, click on the link above.

Ski Staycation Destination—French Alps
For a cold-climate destination replication of the French Alps, click on the link above.

Exotic Staycation Destination—South African Safari Adventure
For a safari adventure to South Africa, click on the link above.