Design Studio

  • Celebrity Headline Eggs

  • Ben and Matt!

Decorate your eggs by decoupaging them or “egg-oupaging” them if you will. Decoupaging is the French term for “a cutting out” and you can make it extra modern by using cut outs of fashion mags and celeb rags.

Level of Difficulty


Tools & Materials

Mod podge glue
Foam brush

  • Directions

  • Cut out celebrity faces, fun words, and different patterns from magazines and separate them into different piles. Place a thin layer of mod podge glue on the part of the egg that you’re covering, then place your magazine cut outs on top of it. Secure your cut outs with a thin layer of mod podge glue.

    Tip: Use colored tissue paper as a base or a filler as needed.

  • Text-Covered Eggs

  • Layer headlines over article text and use words or hot sayings that pop or stand out!

  • Celebrity-Inspired Eggs

  • Celebrity couples, celebrity besties, and even the royal couple and the Queen! Use text to accentuate the images (for example, “Put a ring on it” for Beyoncé).

  • Designer Eggs

  • Layer different designs, patterns and colors! This is great for incorporating spring colors into your Easter eggs!