Design Studio

Gold Gilding plain white plates is a great way to spruce up your table with an easy design that is unique to the look of your tabletop.

It turns a simple plate into an elegant piece.  It is also a fun activity to get the children involved!

Level of Difficulty


Tools & Materials

24 Karat Gold Luster Dust
Confectionary Sugar
Jar, Bowl, Painters Pallet, Etc.

  • Step 1

    To enhance simple white plates, paint a pattern of your choosing on to the rim of the china with a gold dust and plain vodka solution.

    To make the gold paint, slowly add vodka to 24 Karat gold dust drop-by-drop until it is the consistency of water color paints.  If  you added too much vodka, not to worry, just let the vodka evaporate and start over again.

  • Step 2

    Paint a pattern, names as a place card or phrases on the china to welcome your guests to the table.  The vodka will evaporate leaving the gold leaf design.

    To remove, simply wash your plates as normal and the gold dust will wash away!

    Try this technique on everything from baked goods to glassware – run away with your new found Midas Touch!

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