Design Studio

Fall Harvest Candle holder, using edible materials, is a festive addition to any holiday table that uses natural ingredients that are reusable –  you can make soup!

Use a double glass cylinder to create a ‘sand art” like design with multi-colored beans and grains.  (If you plan on reusing the beans for a soup, make sure to use varieties that  require similar cooking methods) Layer the colored beans color by color, making patterns of uneven layers or creating pockets with dowels or strips of cardboard and back fill with a contrasting color.

Tools & Materials

1 package Orange lentils
1 package Yellow lentils
Walnuts in the Shell
24 Karat Edible Sheets
Gold Hardware Paint
Glass vases
Non-drip Candles

  • Step 1

    Fill the center cylinder with a fine grain halfway.

  • Step 2

    Place some decorative walnuts into the four corners.

  • Step 3

    Add the candle to the center of the vase, pushing it down into the grains to complete the centerpiece.

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