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Papel Picado or “perforated paper” is a craft that is commonly used for festive decor on Cinco de Mayo. With my templates below and just a few basic crafting supplies, you can easily make your own Papel Picado and officially take your party south of the border.

Level of Difficulty


  • Tools & Materials

    Tissue Paper
    Command Decorating Clips
    Mini Colored Binder Clips

  • Template 1

    1. Download and print the template. Cut out the border and shapes to create a stencil.

    2. Lay your stencil over one side of the 8.5” x 11” paper and trace all of the shapes.

    3. Fold 1: Fold the paper evenly in half with the printed side out and so that the edges of the shapes line up on the crease. Keep the paper in this half fold throughout the whole process.

    4. Cut out the edges with zigzag scissors to create the border.

    5. Cut out the shapes that are on the center crease (fold line 1).

    6. Fold 2: Keeping your paper folded in half, fold the paper again along fold line 2 and cut the shapes out along this line.

    7. Open the paper back up to the half fold (from step 4).

    8. Fold 3: Fold the paper along fold line 3 and cut out the shapes along this line.

    9. Open your paper to reveal your papel picado!

  • Template 2

    Download, print and follow the same steps as above.