Design Studio

Who doesn’t LOVE flowers? Especially on Valentine’s Day? I began my centerpiece using roses and I’ve added paper flowers that are made of individual hearts each with a “sweet nothing” for your loved one written on each heart shaped petal.  There’s none of that “he loves me, he loves me not…” It is all “he LOVES me!”

I am all about re purposing what I already have and using it in an unexpected way… for the base of my rose flower arrangement,  I filled a square vase with my remaining M&Ms and added other iconic Valentine’s Day candies creating a sand-art effect.

Tools & Materials

Colored Paper (Recommend A Heavier Stock)
Push Pin
24-Gauge Wire
Small Beads
Ribbon or Floral Tape
Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun
Marker (Black, Gold, Silver, or Red)

  • 1. Cut out out six hearts of the same size and write loving notes on 2-3 petals using a marker.

    2. Stack hearts together and use a pushpin, make a hole near the pointed end of each heart.

    3. For the wire stem, cut a piece of wire 12-24” and fold in half. Thread 3 small beads onto the cut wire and twist the wire so the beads stay at the end.

    4. Thread hearts onto the wire until all the hearts are stacked against the bead. Twist the wire again to keep the hearts in place.

    5. Cover the stem with floral tape or glue ribbon around the wire.