Party Plans

  • New Year's Eve Wishing Tree

  • New Year's Eve Wishing Wall

New Year’s Resolutions – we all make them, we all break them.  This year, take the pressure off with a more reasonable approach by starting a new tradition – New Year’s Wishes! New Year’s Wishes don’t have to be for you and it is better for your New Year’s Karma if they are for someone else or even better…the WORLD! Here are two great, affordable ways to incorporate New Years Wishes into your New Year’s party.

Level of Difficulty


Tools & Materials

Christmas Tree with lights
Multicolored hang tags with ribbon/string loops
Markers and pens
Multi-colored post-it-notes
Trays and bowls to display notes and markers
Wall space to create the post-it-note wishing wall

  • Wishing Tree

    Before you toss your Christmas Tree out the door, give it a second life for your New Year’s party by doing the following.  First, strip the tree of all of the holiday ornaments  but make sure to keep the lights on.  Next, make or buy hang tags from colored card stock using ribbons or string tied to create a loop for the tags. Now set the tags out with markers and pens, along with a sign that asks your guests to write down a New Years Wish to add to the tree.  Be sure to make plenty of tags available so your guests can keep wishing all night long.

  • Wishing Wall

    No Christmas Tree? No problem!  For those of you that don’t have a tree, simply designate an area on your wall where your guests can post their wishes on post-it-notes.  And don’t be afraid to be creative.  Post-it-notes come in so many colors and shapes these days – the more festive the better.  Make things interesting by allowing your guests to build off of each other’s wishes.  The best part – clean up is a breeze since they stick to any painted wall surface and come off without any hassle.

Seen on the TODAY Show.  Watch the video here.