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  • Beach Luau Staycation: Today Show

Are you a “Beach Bum” at heart, but bummed to have to trek out to the coast? The Beach Luau Party Plan recreates the beach (sandy shores included) for a festive cocktail party in the comfort of your own home no matter what the weather.


Everyone likes sand under his or her feet, but not in his or her food! To create a beach-inspired table design, create a beachscape out of dunes of uncooked couscous for the look of real sand. It creates an interactive, tactical table covering that is food friendly – add a border of thick a nautical rope to contain the “sand” and complete the look and feel of the beach.

The use of glass that looks like it was forged from the sand and sea and sun-bleach plates and platters add to the beach-style décor. The glass bowls are hand-blown from Simon Pearce. They are works of art that make a great statement piece. Art with a purpose, you use it!

  • Shrimp & Crab Salad Rolls

    The lobster roll is a seaside classic, but perhaps not on your “stay-cation” budget.  Replace high-priced lobster with shrimp and/or crab. They are far less expensive and much more accessible without having to compromising on taste.  With a dramatic flare of a chopped parsley garnish or the Shrimp Salad Rolls and chopped chive for the Crab Salad Rolls, these mini rolls ready for a party!

  • Dirty Chips & Dip

    Compliment the seafood rolls with dirty potato chips – plain store-bought potato chips dusted with crab boil seasoning – cascading out of the bowl makes them look all the more extraordinary.  Paired it with a classic onion dip, which you can make a little dirty too!

  • Tropical Fish Punch

    Since you’re at the beach… how about a little fishing? This is a great example of using everyday items – a fish bowl as a punch bowl for a tropical fish punch.  It’s like playing “go fish”! This punch is made with clear fruit juices with frozen fruit-juice fish.  Kids love this! Each guest can pick the flavor of their drink by choosing which fish flavor to scoop up – try cranberry, orange and grape juice flavors – lots of fun for all ages!

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This Party Plan was featured on the Today Show.  Watch the video here –>