At the Bar

  • Bloody Mary Bar

  • Rims

A bloody mary bar is one of my favorite ENTERTAIN! brunch themes!

My tips will show you how to create the ultimate spring brunch with my signature bloody marys!

  • Bloody Mary Bar

    There are so many different variations on a bloody mary, so let your guests decide by setting up a MYO “make your own” bloody mary bar with an array of ingredients – spices, flavors, and garnishes, etc…

    1. Rim your glass with a meat rub, salt, or any of the suggested below.

    2. Start your drink with a base – can be traditional or non-traditional.

    3. Add your liquor.

    4. Add other ingredients/flavors (can be the classics – horseradish, worcestershire sauce, lime juice, hot sauce, and cracked pepper).

    5. Garnish your drink with everything but the kitchen sink!

  • Rims
    Steak rub
    Sesame seeds
    Flavored salts (truffle, wasabi, smoked, etc.)

  • Bases
    Tomato juice

    Pre-made Bloody Mary Mix
    Clamato juice
    V8 juice

  • Spirits
    Vodka = Classic Bloody Mary
    Vodka + Sweet Vermouth = Bloody Mariella
    Bacon-infused vodka = Bacon Mary
    Tequila = Bloody Maria
    Gin = Bloody Margaret
    Sake = Bloody Geisha
    Non-alcoholic = Bloody Shame!

  • Garnishes
    Pickled shrimp
    Pickled carrots
    Hot peppers
    Cherry tomatoes
    Cocktail onions
    Olives (blue cheese, jalapeño, garlic stuffed)
                                           Baby corn
                                           Bamboo shoots
                                           Caper berries

  • Stir Sticks
    Beef jerky
    Slim Jims
    Green peppers
    Carrot sticks
    Green onion

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