Party Plans

  • Campfire S'mores

For those who like to rough it on a camping vacation, but don’t want to pack up all of that gear The Campfire S’mores Party Plan is complete with a fire pit for preparing everyone’s favorite campfire treat. These S’mores are so easy to make and even easier to eat.

Here is a great example of using everyday, common items that most of us have or have around and pairing them with some unexpected items to create the perfect setting – in this case, a campfire. Simply made from river stones (hand picked in Vermont) lined with gravel (left over from a house project) with a camp grill grate over top.  It’s as simple as that.

First, make a batch of easy chocolate fondue and marshmallow cream kept warm by a make-shift double boiler with sterno cans to keep them warm.

Next, choose a selection of your favorite dippers like classic graham crackers, donut holes and an assortment of cookies to dredge first in the chocolate and then in the marshmallow.  There you are, a classic campfire S’mores you can enjoy inside or out!

Now, what goes better with S’mores than a cup of hot cocoa? But in the heat, maybe not so refreshing.  To wash down the chocolaty gooey goodness, try an Iced “Hot” Cocoa instead.  Similar the original, yet cool and refreshing – delicious chocolate melted in warm milk placed in a blender with ice and low-fat milk, whipped to a froth pour into a chilled glass with a dust with cocoa powder for a frothy delicious cold chocolate beverage!

  • Easy Chocolate Fondue

    Chocolate fondue is a very versatile dessert that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and by the foods your dipping into the rich delicacy.

  • Marshmallow Fondue

    Marshmallow fondue is a wonderful compliment to chocolate fondue and when served with graham crackers you’ll have all the ingredients to make the perfect S’more anytime and anywhere…no campfire needed!

  • Iced “Hot” Cocoa

    To wash down the chocolaty gooey goodness, whip up a batch of cool and refreshing Iced “Hot” Cocoa.

This Party Plan was featured on the TODAY Show. Watch the video here —>