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Inspired by my Candy Coated Easter table setting,  these holiday treats also double as edible centerpieces. They’re a fun Easter activity for the kids and will add an extra sweet touch to your Easter tabletop!

  • Easter Egg Cake

    These Jell-O Easter egg cakes are the perfect treat for your guests. Candy coated and resting on a bed of chocolate covered “grass,” they not only are an adorable centerpiece, but they are also a sweet and delicious dessert that your guests will love! Click above for the recipe and enjoy!

  • Eggs In The Grass

    This fun display of tasty Egg Sandwich Pops and Eggs-treme Marshmallow Treats make a great centerpiece and an easy to grab dessert on a stick!

    Simply cut a sheet of wheatgrass to fit inside a glass dish and fill with Easter treats on a stick. Click above to learn how to make them!

  • Peep Topiary

    Create a WOW edible centerpiece using Peeps and jelly beans! Click above for complete step-by-step instructions.

  • Easter House

    This Honey Vanilla Easter House by Harry & David makes a great, edible centerpiece for your Easter tabletop. I received one from a friend and it was actually the inspiration behind my Candy Coated Easter Party Plan.