Party Plans

Mark has some great ideas to turn the every day tailgating recipes into fan favorites!

  • Here are some of Mark’s Tailgating tips and tricks:

    1. The Early Bird gets the premium tailgating spot!  Arrive three to four hours ahead of time to claim your territory. Prime location is a hot commodity when tailgating

    2. Delegate responsibilities to your fellow tailgaters…who will be the grill master, bartender and clean up crew (AKA the party animals).

    3. Bringing two coolers is key to an organized Tailgate, one for your favorite beverages and one for your perishables.

    4. Take inspiration from your mascots, teams, and cities to theme your Tailgate spread.

    5. Take enough food for before and after the game. You want to make sure that you are tailgating responsibly and eating while consuming adult beverages. After the game is over, you want to make sure that you have enough snacks and drinks to turn a traffic jam into a terrific time.

    6. Bring some tailgating activities to keep your guests occupied and entertained before the big game while the grill master is preparing the food. Some favorites are sport trivia games, corn hole toss, finger football or just a classic football toss.

    Below are some of Mark’s tailgating favorites!

  • No-Grill Grilling

    One of my secrets to preparing food for tailgates is no-grill grilling. Click above to find out more.

  • Dips-On-The-Go

    You get a dip…you get a dip….you get a dip! Make it easy for everyone with individual dips.

  • Tailgating Treats

    Your tailgate isn’t complete until you finish it off with a sweet treat – with custom team colors! Click above for some fun options.

  • Tailgating Travel Treats

    Don’t forget to plan for a snack on your way to the game. Click above for my travel treat suggestions.