Design Studio

  • Exterior

    If you’re interested in a more traditional door, adorn a pine wreath with holiday colored ribbons, bows, ornaments, and lights. Just like a Christmas tree, start with the lights first, follow it up with ornaments, and finish it off with a ribbon garland and bows.

    You can create any theme you would like and for ornament collectors, it’s a great and easy way to decorate. The global theme I used was inspired by ornaments I’ve collected from my travels, with the most recent being the piñata and sombrero from Mexico. You can also use items that you have left over from trimming your tree and decorating the rest of your house.

  • Interior

    Cut the leftover ribbon from the wreath into varying lengths. Tie bells and ornaments onto the end of each piece of ribbon and make a bow out of the other end. Apply damage-free clear mini hooks across the top of your door and hang one ribbon from each one.

    Use Command Clear Damage-Free Mini Hooks for easy application and removal.

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