Mark's Journal

If you’re planning a holiday party this year, there are several must-haves that I wouldn’t be without.  In fact, they will make entertaining easier all year long!

  • Portable Ice Maker

    Never run out of ice again! I have an ice maker in my refrigerator and always emptied the ice bins several hours before the party to make enough to get the party started. I always had to run out and get extra bags of ice and they just melt all over… skip the mess and the hassle and get yourselves a portable ice maker. They are small enough to put on a bar or counter, make three sizes of ice cubes, make ice in ten minutes stores 2.5 pounds of ice at a time all from a 1.2 gallon water reservoir. This power-house mini ice machine makes up to 35 lbs of ice a day! It’s not cheep at over $200, but if you are a “professional” entertainer (like me), you won’t want to be without one!

  • Extra Glassware

    As a host, you can never have too much glassware and I want my guests to drink out of real glasses! Plastic glassware is for the outdoor entertaining and disposables are a dirty word in my house (not to mention terrible for the environment). I prefer to buy inexpensive real glassware by the case and store until needed. There are so many advantages to keeping a stash of glassware – you don’t have to stress about using your good crystal, you won’t stress if they break or chip, and they neatly pack away back into their boxes. I keep extra wine, martini, all purpose glasses and especially extra champagne flutes during the holidays!

  • Take-away Containers

    Party left-overs will never go to waste if you keep fun and festive take-away containers on hand so your guests can take a little of the party with them. I like to offer party guests a little take-away container of treats and party snacks as they leave. I always make more than enough food at my parties and actually make a bit more sweet treats so that I can have enough to gift at the end of the party. It is a great send off for your guests and a great way to keep manage left overs! Cheers!