Mark's Journal

If your guy is into gadgets or accessories for his electronics, I’ve got the perfect gifts for you to choose from.

  • High - $200+

    Boomchair Gaming Chair for Tablets, Gaming and Movies
    For the guy who uses different several different types of electronic systems, this boomchair is the perfect gift for him. It connects via Bluetooth technology or cable to any gaming system or other portable devices. There’s a built in USB and the chair can even be folded up for storage.


  • Medium - $100+

    TakTik Premium Protection System for the iPhone

    The TakTik Protection System is especially great for the dads out there who have young children! It has a shockproof suspension system, has acoustic water and dust resistant microphone and speaker covers and is made from anodized aircraft grade aluminum.


  • Low - $50+

    Portable Trunk Organizer and Cooler

    This gadget is for the man who likes drive and be organized in every aspect of his life—even his car! This organizer has a softsided cooler made of nylon that can fit up to 20 cans. It has 3 individual storage sections and is completely collapsible for easy storage.


  • Stocking Stuffer – Under $20

    LunaTik Chubby Stylus

    If your man has a tablet, this stylus is perfect for at home or on the go! It’s great for the dads out there with children who love to play games and draw on their tablet—it’ll leave his device sans fingerprints!