Party Plans

  • Indian Summer Staycation: Beach Luau
  • Indian Summer Staycation: Campfire S'mores
  • Indian Summer Staycation: Park Picnic

The most popular domestic vacation destinations are The Beach, Campground, and National Parks. But if you don’t feel like packing up the car and hauling the family to a destination only to find it is over crowded or worse a washout, have an Indian Summer Staycation instead! What’s a Staycation? It’s a Party Plan that I’ve created that you can successfully orchestrate at home, complete with food, drinks, atmosphere and even entertainment that appealed to a variety of ages and tastes. Follow my step-by-step Party Plans to create a Beach Luau, Campfire S’mores, and a Park Picnic without leaving home!

  • Beach Luau

    Are you a “Beach Bum” at heart, but bummed to have to trek out to the coast? The Beach Luau Party Plan recreates the beach (sandy shores included) for a festive cocktail party in the comfort of your own home no mater what the weather.

  • Campfire S’mores

    For those who like to rough-it on a camping vacation, but don’t want to pack up all of that gear The Campfire Grill Party Plan is complete with a fire pit for preparing everyone’s favorite campfire treat S’mores.  These S’mores are very easy to make and even easier to eat. Wash the chocolaty gooey goodness down with an Iced “Hot” Cocoa!

  • Park Picnic

    A picnic in the park is a lovely way to spend the day or evening! Host a park-style picnic in your own back yard or even on your dining room table with this Park Picnic Party Plan. No more sandwiches crushed beyond recognition… classic picnic sandwiches are reinvented as spreads that your guests reconstruct. Sound complicated? It’s not really…

These Party Plans were featured on the Today Show.  Watch the video here –>