Party Plans

Valentines Day is the most romantic day of the year and the ideal time to plan a couples getaway to a romantic destination. What about those of us who can’t fly to our dream destination of choice or don’t have extra cash lying around so soon after the holidays?

I’ll show you how to create a romantic Valentine’s Day staycation without leaving the comfort of your own home and without the hefty price tag. I’ve created three Romantic Staycation themes based on three lover types; Languid Lovers, Sporty Lovers, Lover Lovers. Each dinner is comprised of food, drinks and décor inspired by the culture and landscape of each of the destinations.

  • Tropical Stay-cation

    A Tropical Staycation Destination for the languid lovers who love to lay around with each other, sipping on drinks wearing only a strategically placed lei. Click the link above to see how you can cool off your hot night with exotic frozen drinks and savor the sensual tastes of the tropical islands.

  • Ski Stay-cation

    A Ski Staycation Destination for the sporty lovers who love to cozy up to a warm fire and enjoy après-ski bites and nibbles without the hassle of suiting up…in ski clothes! Click the link above to see how you can prepare hot cocktails to warm you up from top to bottom and how to satisfy your sweet and savory sides with a classic Fondue menu.

  • City of Love & Lights (Paris) Stay-cation

    A City of Love & Lights (Paris) Staycation Destination for the lover lovers who love to fair l’amour en Français. Click the link to see how you can prepare bubble cocktails that will tickle your palate and how to prepare a romantic picnic by the Seine-style menu.