Party Plans

Create a cozy mountain retreat in the comfort of your own living room without packing the car up… Enjoy hot cocktails with savory and sweet fondue while chilling to a relaxing fireside playlist. Leave the road (and road rage) behind!

Cuddle up with a special group of friends fireside and enjoy toasty cocktails with delicious dips of molten cheese and flowing chocolate fondues… no fire? No problem!  A fire effect video playing on your TV, complete with fire crackling sounds and even a bird chirping in the distance will make you feel you are far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  • Baked Apple Pie

    This cocktail that tastes just like a delicious piece of freshly baked apple pie (minus the crust) and can be enjoyed hot or cold!

  • Hot Buttered Rum

    Hot Buttered Rum is a classic winter cocktail that will keep the chill off as well as warm the soul (and soles of your feet)!

  • Artisinal Cheese Fondue

    Cheese fondue is a classic Swiss delicasy enjoyed year round that has truly conquered the glob with restaurant menus entirely dedicated to this molten cheese delight.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Fondue

    Slices of fruit or pastry are dipped in a caquelon of melted chocolate, often flavored with a liqueur.  Dessert fondues may also be made with coconut, caramel, or marshmallow.

  • Relaxing Fireside Piano

    Cuddle up by the “fire” with a collection of cozy piano melodies that set the mood for a quiet evening at home.

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  • Fireplace DVD

    Sit by the fireplace without getting overheated with this Fireplace For Your Home DVD.  Try the Log Cabin Fireplace setting with crackling fire sounds complimented by soothing bird sounds!

    (click here to buy on Amazon)

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