Mark's Journal

With the arrival of Spring, comes the inevitable Spring clean…

Each spring, I deep clean my home to give it that extra sparkle and shine punctuated by the summer sunlight. For many people, this may not sound that enticing, but it can be quite satisfying and is a necessary evil in order to stay prepared and organized. This year, I decided my spice drawer needed some extra TLC. Picking one organizational project is a manageable way of tackling a problem area in your home without becoming overwhelmed.

Follow my steps below for a newly organized spice drawer and happy spring cleaning!

  • Tools & Materials

  • Although spices are sold in similar sized spice bottles, they vary slightly from square to round making it difficult to neatly organize.

  • My solution was to purchase inexpensive square spice jars so that the jars lay flat and stay organized over countless opening and closing of my spice drawer.  After transferring the spices from their original packaging, it is imperative to relabel them with a label maker.

  • The result is an organized spice draw with clearly printed labels for quick reference that stays organized!  By using the square jars, I am able to add a second layer of spices to continue to grow my culinary collection.  I even repurposed the old spice jars to store little craft supplies in the office.