Party Plans

As the dog days of summer start to set in, my mind says, “escape!” But sometimes life (and budgets) get in the way, and that fabulous trip to Paris or the islands is not always in the cards. That’s why I’m declaring August “Staycation Month!”
Here are a few super fun ideas for stay-at-home getaways. If you can’t be in France or the tropics, turn an ordinary weekend at home into an awesome staycation with these party plans, menus, and cocktail ideas.
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I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. And remember, it’s called “entertaining” for a reason…you’re supposed to have fun!
  • Tropical Island Staycation

    Escape to a tropical island destination without backing a bag… This party plan comes complete with frozen drinks, Caribbean bites and sweet treats.  Don’t forget the cool island tunes to complete the mood. Bathing suits optional!


  • Mountain Retreat Staycation

    Create a cozy mountain retreat in the comfort of your own living room without packing the car up… Turn the AC way down and enjoy hot cocktails with savory and sweet fondue while chilling to a relaxing fireside playlist. Leave the road behind!

  • Romantic Paris Staycation

    Jet off to the romance capital of the world, Paris aka The City of Lights with out the hassle of the airport or the jet lag… Tickle your palate with bubbly cocktails, warm your hearts with classic French fare and chill to bistro-inspired sound track.  French language skills not necessary to faire l’amour!