Party Plans

Super Bowl parties are usually all about pizza, wings and beer.  But the theme for my Super Bowl party this year is “Location, Location, Location!” Our two teams in this year’s Super Bowl are The Patriots, of Boston, Massachusetts and The Seahawks, of Seattle, Washington. I was inspired by these two cities, along with the host city of Phoenix, Arizona, to put together a menu of hometown culinary classics for both teams as well as some southwestern flavors from Phoenix. Follow my tips and menu below for a fun and unique Super Bowl Party Plan!


Last Word
Coffee Martini

Cape Ale

Tom Brady

East Coast vs. West Coast Oysters
w/ team favorite toppings

Chimichanga Bar, stadium style buffet
w/ chicken, beef, veggie Mini-Chimichangas

Field of Chips & Dips:
Layered bean dip topped with guacamole
Sideline Chips
End Zones – red & yellow salsa

Cactus Candy (Arizona)
Tollhouse Cookie popcorn (Patriots)
Mocha Latte Popcorn (Seahawks)

  • Seattle Cocktails

    The Last Word

    The Last Word is the definitive Seattle cocktail and leading cocktail authorities say it is undisputedly Seattle’s biggest contribution to the world of mixology. It has become a source of Seattle pride among local bartenders.

  • Coffee Martini

    A city steeped in coffee history, Seattle is the birthplace of coffee giant, Starbucks, and is a world center for coffee roasting and coffee supply.

  • New England Cocktails

    Cape Ale

    Add a little vodka, cranberry, and orange juice to a light beer for this seaside cocktail!

  • Tom Brady

    Named after The Patriots quarterback, this delicious beer cocktail is score a touchdown!

  • Pre-Game

    East Coast vs. West Coast Oysters

    Both Seattle and Boston are seafood meccas. Seattle’s Pike Place Market is famous for fish throwing and a landmark of the city. And you’ll never find better New England Clam Chowder than in Boston, MA. But one type of seafood in particular comes to mind when I think of these two cities from opposing coasts: Oysters. Most of the oysters found in the United States are cultivated on the East and West coast. I’ve focused on 2 of my favorite…Wellfleets from Cape Cod (East Coast) and Olympia from Washinton’s Puget Sound (West Coast). Click on the link above for more information on East vs. West coast oysters.

  • Half-Time

    Chimichanga Bar

    The chimichanga is the pride of Southern Arizona. Deep-fried and decked out with toppings, it’s a souped-up burrito chockfull of beef, vegetables and mild chile.

    I’ve made chicken, beef and veggie mini-chimichangas. Set up a chimichanga bar with stadium style buffet for all your guests to enjoy. Click the link above for recipes.

  • Field of Chips and Dips

    The Super Bowl is the ultimate theme party. Have fun with your displays and decor. This fun chips and dip spread is sure to be a hit. Hut hut dip! Re create it with these 3 simple components.

    -Layered been dip topped w/ guacamole
    -Sideline Chips
    -End Zones – red & yellow salsa

  • Last Quarter

    Cactus Candy
    Cactus candy is unique to Arizona and a local favorite. If you’ve never had it, you have to give it a try. Click the link above for the recipe to this yummy cactus jelly candy. Enjoy!

  • Décor

    Football Field Table Covering with team logos at each end zone.

    Red/White/Blue (Patriots) and Lime Green/Blue (Seahwaks) are the team colors so incorporate those into your serving platters, bowls, dishes, napkins, etc.

    Logo’d glassware with both teams.

    Flag tent cards with food descriptions in red white and blue (so you know what you are getting into!)