Design Studio

The free form door is your chance to “deck the halls” without ruining your walls (or front door in this case)! Use damage-free decorating clips, to form your shape of choice, holiday-related of course, and place holiday lights into the clips to make the outline. Fill in the shape by hanging ornaments on damage-free hooks.

  • I made a festive faux Christmas tree with lights and filled it in with ornaments. You can also make a menorah with white and blue lights.

    Free form décor is great for small living spaces where you don’t have enough room for a Christmas tree. It also allows you to be more creative and doesn’t need to be on your front door. You can use free form on any empty wall in your house!

  • Use Command Clear Damage-Free Decorating Clips and Command Clear Damage-Free Mini Hooks for easy removal. They also blend into your walls and décor.


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