Design Studio

  • Exterior

    For a more modern look, use an empty wire wreath form and “fill in the blanks” with ornaments, holiday tchotchkes, toys, and decorative lights.

    Using a vibrant color pallet will give your décor a modern look. Work backwards like an upside down cake and layer your ornaments first, follow it up by lights, and then garland for a filler. Add fun ornaments that spark conversation (glittered of course) as your finishing touches. The more eclectic, the better, and since the theme is everything holiday, you can include Santa’s sleigh! Use mini white cable zip ties to hold everything in place.

  • Interior

    Use festive wrapping paper and removable crafting tape, create an over-sized greeting card on the inside of your front door and invite house guests to leave holiday messages. Use damage-free clips, to showcase greeting cards you’ve received from your family, friends, and neighbors around the oversized greeting card to make your holiday decor more personal!

  • Secret Weapons

    Use Scotch Expressions Tape to add vibrant colors to your door…they’re also easy to reposition and removable. Use Command Clear Damage-Free Fridge Clips for easy removal at the end of the holidays.

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