Party Plans

Are you and your valentine chocolate lovers or just looking to satisfy your “sweet tooth” on Valentine’s Day? I’ll show you how to plan a chocolate party for lovers with all things chocolate! From chocolatey cocktails and desserts to surprising savory chocolate sensations and an all-chocolate table centerpiece, I’ve got tips to sweeten up dinner this Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate 101
In order to plan a chocolate party, there are chocolate essentials to create your all-chocolate spread! There are a variety of chocolates – milk, dark, and white – and even within dark there are several different percentages (60%, 70%, and so on), and there’s also bittersweet chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate!

  • Chocolatey Cocktails

    Start off your chocolate party with one of the following chocolatey cocktails!

  • ChocolatRouge Sweet Red Wine

    Deliciously different, ChocolatRouge Sweet Red is a luscious blend of fine red wine and rich chocolate flavors

  • Milk Chocolate Martini

    Indulge with this adult take on a classic hot chocolate spiked with chocolate vodka and served chilled in a cocktail glass.

  • Chocolate Martini

    The Chocolate martini is so creamy and delicious, it’s the ideal drink for chocolate lovers.

  • Chocolate Dinner 3-Ways

    Make a chocolate dinner for your chocolate lover in one of the three ways.

  • Chocolate Tomato Soup with Cocoa Panini

    An “Odd Couple”; unsweetend chocolate and tomato pair perfectly in this truly unique soup.

  • Chocolate Chicken Pot Pie

    Chocolate and chicken are equal co-stars of this cocoa version of the classic pot pie with a spicy sauce similar to Mexican Mole.

  • Chocolate Pasta with Chocolate Covered Bread Sticks

    Cocoa enriched pasta adds deep richness similar to other flavored pastas and further enhanced with a cheesy chocolate sauce.

  • Chocolate Dessert Trio

    Finish off your dinner with a little bit (more) sweetness for your sweetie!

  • Chocolate Décor

  • Chocolate Flower Centerpiece

    At this point, why limit the chocolate theme to just the food and cocktails? Go big or go home! This chocolate flower centerpiece is easy and fun to make and will elevate your “chocolate party” to the next level.