In the Kitchen

Level of Difficulty
Prep Time
1 Day


cups prickly pear cactus or cups nopales
cups granulated sugar
cup water
tablespoons orange juice


  • 1.  Select prickly pear cactus. Remove spines and outside layer(skin) with large knife. You can find it already prepped like this in some stores. Cut pulp across in slices one-inch thick.

    2. Soak overnight in cold water. Remove from water, cut in 1″ cubes and cook in boiling water til tender. Drain.

    3. Heat the sugar and water until sugar is dissolved. Then add cactus. Cook slowly in the syrup until nearly all the syrup is absorbed. Remove cactus from syrup, drain and roll in granulated or powdered sugar. For colored cactus candy, any vegetable food coloring may be added to the syrup.

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